Savories Menu

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Assorted Sandwiches  
Opened French sandwiches with a variety of toppings  
Assorted bridge rolls  
Sausages on sticks  
Assorted nibbles with dip (v)  
Fresh vegetables- crudities- with dip (v)  
Prawn filled vol au vonts  
Cheese and pineapple on sticks (v)  
Sausage rolls  
Assorted quiche (v)  
Cucumber crowns topped with cream cheese (v)  
Scotch Eggs  
Crab stick with thousand Island dip  
Pitta bread fingers with hummus (v)  
Cheese straws (v)  
BBQ Chicken wings  
Chicken  nuggets with tomato dip  
Pork pie and pickles  
Cherry tomatoes and assorted grapes  
Tortilla chips with salsa dip (v)  
Celery Cheese and chive boats (v)  
Melon balls and cheese on sticks (v)  
Pizza Triangles (v)  
Mini pitta pocket filled with various fillings  
Smoked salmon and cream cheese bites  
Pate and cucumber bites  
Indian style mini savouries  
Chicken goujons (plain or southern fried)  
* (V) = Suitable for Vegitarians